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Peaks Recovery outpatient counseling services for drugs and alcohol in Colorado Springs has the clinical experience to help you get back on the right track.

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Finished with inpatient rehab?

Peaks Services provides intensive outpatient and outpatient services for individuals finishing inpatient treatment facilities, but who are still in need of extended clinical contact in the Colorado Springs, Colorado ara.

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Outpatient Counseling - Colorado Springs

Peaks Recovery Services is a drug and alcohol outpatient counseling center serving the greater Colorado Springs area. Our program specifically works with both young adults and working professionals who struggle with substance use disorder, mental health, and process addictions. We also incorporate an integrative dual diagnosis approach as part of treatment.

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Dual Diagnosis Counseling

Dual Diagnosis refers to individuals who struggle with both a mental illness and substance use disorder. Often times, mental health issues are the root causes for prolonged substance use. By addressing the underlying issues of the substance use disorder, treatment becomes more effective and individuals are able to develop longer, more reliable coping mechanisms in the process.

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Participation in Peaks Recovery drug and alcohol outpatient counseling center is an easy process. We accept most PPO based insurances with out-of-network benefits and can also consider cash rate discounts if insurance is unavailable. Once payment is agreed upon we can setup an intake appointment with any of our qualified, counseling staff. After your intake appointment is done, each person is assigned either an IOP or OP schedule. It's that easy!

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Why therapy at Peaks Recovery Services?

Outpatient therapy can help you regulate negative emotions that may arise out of the many challenges and stressors you may face at home, work, or at school; even if they aren't dramatically life-altering or traumatic. Therapy can also help by having someone hold you accountable or help you find purpose. If you or someone you know copes with life's challenges by using or abusing drugs and alcohol, Peaks Recovery Services is the perfect solution to not only address the substance use issue, but we can also help address underlying issues that may be the cause of continued substance use.

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